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When used properly, an accessory can define your entire style and be the main center of attention. Don’t get shy, use them as a controversial signature or the final addon for a perfect look. Mix colors, textures and raise the nautical side in you.


Seajure Nautical Inspired Accessories


Let's start with bracelets, nautical bracelets, shall we?


Seajure nautical bracelets are a must have for men and women.


Nautical bracelets are a must have for men and women. They are catchy and irreverent. When along with a watch or smartwatch, gives your wrist a whole new identity and translates the modernity in you.

When conceived with leather, it’s important to understand if the origin is vegetable tanned leather. This process uses organic materials and natural tannins derived from barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants, resulting in a distinctive appearance and unmatched durability.




   When bracelets use metallic materials, it is important to be sure that those materials are stainless steel otherwise, with regular use, they will gradually lose its quality and color. Be also aware of the type of clasp that is being used, there is nothing worst than losing a bracelet we loved.


Seajure Premium Nautical Bracelets

Seajure Accessories
What about belts?

We know, belts have a specific purpose, but trust us, they can be much more then a functional object. A belt can trigger your nautical style or become the distinctive piece in a classic outfit.



   As mentioned before, leather quality represents one of the most key aspects when it regards to a belt. Vegetable tanned leather is an important aspect to take into account on your decision.

Another important aspect, mainly when it regards to braided belts is to check the type of tip. If you close your belt directly on the braid, with time the braid will lose its consistency and structure, the belt will faster look older and wasted. Reinforced leather tips assure that braided belts always close on the leather and not on the braid, assuring greater durability and (opinions apart), beauty.

The buckle is also an important aspect to pay attention. If possible, always opt by antioxidant metallic materials, otherwise they may lose color and appear to be wasted.


Seajure Premium and High Quality Belts


At the end, the options are varied and depend on your personal preferences. Classic colors or distinctive ones. Braided, simple, leather or suede, plaid, smooth, patterned, elastic, with cord or rope. Check our belts here: SEAJURE BELTS.

Seajure Accessories


Wallets or Card Holders?

As life got faster many of our classic habits tended to change. Although there are many men who still prefer classic wallets, Card Holder wallets are nowadays a more comfortable way to transport what’s often really necessary: credit card, citizen card, driving license…


Seajuere Premium Leather Card Holders Wallets


We are becoming quite repetitive but yes, you are right: leather quality is a very important aspect when selecting a wallet or a card holder.

If possible, check how card holder laterals are finished. A fine finishing on those vertices upgrade your product aspect and assures longer durability.

Check how many cards the wallet / card holder carry and if it has or not an opening to eventually save money.




The final selection depends on your favorite colors and pattern. Check our Card Holder Wallets here: SEAJURE CARD HOLDERS.


Seajure Accessories


One final nautical touch?

Yes, style is in every single detail. It’s up to you to define it.




Check our Navy Leather Tassel Keychain.


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Seajure Accessories


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