together we walk on the wild sea

the vision

from the beginning

We call ourselves sea friendly but the sea is more than friendly to us, it is our family, our home, and our greater example and inspiration. Although young, we have been connecting strong ties with very interesting individualities and companies. Embracing talent and environment: the sea is our passion, the love of our lives.

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Seajure Partnerships - The Passion, the Art and the Beauty

The Passion, the Art and the Beauty

We have strong values and we carry them as unnegotiable departing points. Quality, respect, customer centric, innovation, customization and know how have been allies that we share with all partnerships we have been developing: passionate sailors, sea lifestyle bloggers and influencers, artists, environmental and human rights defenders, photographers, videographers, fashion experts, among others.

Having the sea as our greater inspiration, Seajure offers Premium Nautical Shoes and Accessories.

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walk on the wild sea

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