Premium Boat Shoes and Accessories

Passioned and irreverent, Seajure is a brand motived by the environment in general and the sea in particular. We call ourselves sea friendly but the sea is more than friendly to us, it is our family, our home, and our greater example and inspiration.

Our focus is proving you new designs, authentic and personalized, high-quality nautical shoes and accessories.

Are you aboard? Scroll and discover what touches our souls.

The sea is our passion, the love of our lives.

It is the calm when the waves gently kiss the sand and the strength when they meet the rock.It is the infinite horizon that fulfills our thoughts and the inspiration of each of our senses.

The Passion, the Art and the Beauty.

  • Quality

    Choosing high quality materials will provide greatest comfort and at the same time extending the product's life, thus reducing the direct environmental impact.

  • Respect

    For what the planet has given all of us and for what we have been taking from him. Respect for ancient knowledge and for old and wiser advices. Change is in our hands.

  • Customer centric

    We believe on fair exchanges and close relations. The sea inspires us but it is by hearing the customer feedback that we are every day able to improve ourselves.

  • Innovation

    Innovation drives our processes because its only by doing so that we will be able to give you the best experience and to gradually introduce new products and services.

  • Customized

    Do we all have the same feet type and so, do we all need the same insole and shoe? How perfect can our customized shoe fits you and how comfortable can we be?

  • Know how

    Seajure has a plural team with singular pointing views and values. Experienced shoe makers, podiatrists, tech and innovation experts, among others, at your full disposal.

The art in quality, in the technique, by handmade manufacturing, in the careful choice of each material.
It is the respect, the maximum respect, for everything that environment, so beautifully, offers us and the responsibility for what we have stolen from it.
Soon we will be at your feet (happily) and we hope to give you maximum comfort and satisfaction when using SEAJURE.

Together we walk on the wild sea.

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  • Quick Customer Support

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